Simple Habits

Extraordinary Results

Kaizen Effect

About Kaizen Effect

You want to start, grow and scale a profitable company, inspire motivated, supportive teams and lead in the marketplace.

Except somewhere along the line it got hard, your days spent firefighting, your systems infuriating and your staff lacking in direction.

All this despite working your ass off!

Or maybe you just lost your spark and enthusiasm.

Simple, But Not Easy

Success in business on paper seems simple. Ideas straightforward.

Except implementation is hard.

Take your life and business to the next level

Our Mission

To challenge business leaders; evolve leadership and inspire companies to solve meaningful problems.

To help companies grow without the expense of people or the planet.

To bring fun, adventure and play into the workplace so that we can make money and also create meaning.

Our Vision

To live in a world where companies values people as much as profit, where humans live in harmony with each other and the planet.

A world where leaders have the strength of character to be honest, to rise strong in the face of adversity and stand up for what they believe.

To create and support companies solving the greatest challenges facing humanity.

Philosophy of Continuous Improvement

Strategies developed
& problems solved
to start, grow and scale.


Executive Coaching

Many execs are getting results in their business, but yet relationships are frayed, their health suffering and frustration is mounting.

Focus on the six pillars of effective leadership to ‘get the edge’ in business, without the personal sacrifice.


Sometimes the solution to your problem can’t be solved from within the organisation.

We can deliver solutions tailored to your individual challenges to increase performance and gain fresh perspective.


You know that your team would benefit from more training & development, but you lack time and you’re focused on meeting targets.

Investing in your people increases loyalty, satisfaction and improves performance. Create a high performance culture.

Digital Strategy

Many companies are struggling with digital marketing, let alone begin able to track their ROI (return on investment).

We can help you streamline, measure and improve your return on investment from your digital assets. Get more leads and increase sales.

Personal Development

Many founders and directors are so focused on their businesses that they forget about themselves! Leading to tension, frustration, and health problems.

We can’t help an organisation without developing yourself and your people.

Business Mentoring

The world of businesses is complex and confusing.

Sometimes you need someone who has walked the path a bit longer than you to guide the way.

Meet the Team

Small in size, big in experience

David Raybould

Director & Business Strategist

After solving problems in Financial Services for a number of years, Dave realised that many companies in many industries face similar challenges.

He now specialises in helping founders and directors to overcome the six core challenges they face leading a company and inspiring a team.

He is an eternal student, meditator and loves throwing himself down hills on a bike or board.

Regine Freeman

Digital Strategist and Graphic Designer

After working in sales and marketing for over twenty years, Regine earned her masters in Digital Marketing from Portsmouth University.

She now specialises in helping companies to track, measure and improve their return on investment from their digital assets.

She is passionate about marketing, rollerskating, yoga and surfs as much as possible (weather permitting).