I Am David Raybould

Director & Business Strategist

About David Raybould


Financial services taught me how to grow a profitable business.

For six years I solved complex problems whilst interacting with hundreds of customers and companies.


I met many company directors, a select few were running successful businesses with ease. Whereas the majority were ‘chasing their tails’ and seemed unfulfilled.

I realised problems I was solving were faced by many other companies and that I understood a lot about human potential.


I thought “how can I help companies run more smoothly and directors to live more fulfilling lives?…

..and Kaizen Effect was born.

Life is an ADVENTURE

Whilst travelling the world and visiting beautiful places I saw many people had lost their sense of fun and adventure.

Connecting or re-connecting with a sense of adventure is my inspiration. Helping those that have lost their zest for life.

Challenges in Business

Behind every business problem is a person – or team of people – trying their best under pressure. However, relationships get frayed and people worn out.

I offer fresh perspective which leads to connection and collaboration instead of conflict.


Executive Coaching

Many directors are keeping their frustrations to themselves, ‘soldiering on’ and focusing on business, but secretly pressure and tension are building beneath the surface. I have found that giving space to explore this frustration, without fear of provocation, unlocks energy and passion.

Seeing your problems from new perspectives opens up opportunities that seemed unavailable. Increasing awareness improves your ability to lead and increases your opportunities for growth, all the while uncovering what you love to do both in work and in life.

I’ve always challenged the way that things are done, much to the frustration of my school teachers! However in business I’ve see that this is what is required to ‘get the edge’ in competitive markets.


When people or processes are frustrating, and your results are suffering, maybe the skills needed to really move your business forwards are lacking within your organisation. Many businesses are struggling to keep up with the length and breadth of technology systems required to run a business these days.

As tech natives and continuous learners, we know how to get your business systems playing in harmony, how to inspire and motivate your team and create rock solid processes. Leading to greater co-operation, increased engagement and ultimately sustainable growth.


You know you need to invest in the skills within your team, but when you’re focused on developing the business it’s hard to make time. It gets put on the backburner whilst you focus on more urgent activity. The challenge here is that training & development support the results you seek, when I see companies overlooking this element, people are trying harder than they need to get average results.

Arming your team with the right leadership skills and competence within their roles gets you better results both in the short and long term, but also creates space for fun and adventure, because everyone’s not just trying to survive.

Are you having fun?

I’ve done some pretty cool shit in my life. I’ve been around the world, worked as snowboard instructor in 5 countries, wakeboarded in Arizona, Skydived in UK, jumped off waterfalls, been to a week long festival, meditated for 10 days straight.

I’m truly blessed. And I want to share this sense of fun and adventure with you.



Growing up with computers from the most basic pong, to commodore 64, to Amiga, to games consoles and PC’s, I understand tech.

Sales & Marketing

Having experienced door canvassing, to telesales and recruitment, I understand the challenges of sales teams.


Coaching snowboarding through to coaching individuals around life and business. I have experienced more challenges than I can count.


Leading a team and running an office in financial services taught me that leadership is easy to talk about, yet challenging in practice.


When you’re leading groups in dangerous environments whilst snowboarding you have to be clear, decisive and take responsibility.


Coaching snowboarding, leading in finance and running workshops with my business have given me the tools to empower teams.


I have been working with David now for just under 6 months, and he has been working with me on the 5 key areas of leadership. I did not know what to expect when we started our journey together but what I and my business gets from our work beats any ROI I can measure.- Lee West, Managing Director, M-Brain, UK (Market Intelligence)
It only takes six weeks to see your own greatness with David. Prepare to be taken out of every comfort zone you thought you had and still shine. Be prepared to become your best self very quickly and see the results. He does not take prisoners, but if you hire him and I recommend you do, you will see results; and they will surprise you. I have achieved more in the this short space of time than I have in the last eight years.- Jo Booth, Director, JB Associates, UK (Advertising and PR)
€50,000 and counting is business David is directly responsible for generating for my company. He reviewed our marketing strategy and refined it to the most cost effective action we could take with the budget available. He instigated a Google Ad word campaign and refined it: he put us on the map. We now lead our field generating by far the most clicks in comparison to our competitors. These results speak for themselves.- Salvador Costa, Director, Barcelona (Wedding Planner)
Dave has worked with me to streamline my business and life. I can now focus on doing the work I really love. As a result of our work I have saved several hours a week that I can now spend doing the things that I love. What I most value about working with Dave is that I now feel re-inspired and ready to move forward. I highly recommend working with Dave!- Emma Collins, Coach and Trainer, UK (Coaching & Training)
I hired Dave because I was at a crossroads in my business. I have a website, various social media profiles and many other technology tools I use to manage my work and life. It was all becoming uninspiring and a little tiring to manage. I realised I wanted to spend more time serving clients (the part that I love), but all the admin, emails, invoicing etc. were getting in the way. Dave has worked with me to streamline my business and life. I can now focus on doing the work I really love. As a result of our work I have saved several hours a week that I can now spend doing the things that I love. What I most value about working with Dave is that I now feel re-inspired and ready to move forward. I highly recommend working with Dave!- Rebecca Green, Founder and Director, UK (Health & Wellness)
I had coaching with David in 2016 and it really helped not only my Green Room Clinic but also my Arbonne business. It really helped me to see where I had been going wrong as I kept getting the same results over and over again. Davids coaching was fantastic and really helped me get to the next level in my business. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to take their life to the next level-
Would you like to gain a fresh perspective on your business?