I’m Regine Freeman

Digital Strategist and
Graphic Designer

About Regine Freeman


Twenty years working in sales, marketing and events has taught me that, above all else, understanding your audience is the key to success.

Understanding your audience’s motivation, concerns, budget and priorities and alternatives that are available, allows your business to craft a product that is truly valuable.

This understanding also forms the foundation of a successful marketing communication strategy. If you don’t get your customer, how can you effectively communicate the most relevant benefits of a product or service and ensure that business is serving them in a way that they value?


Understanding the demographics of your customer, through persona building for example, will ensure that you are speaking to your audience like real human beings.

To be relevant and authentic and to avoid being boring or worse- offensive requires taking time to understand the cultural sensitivities and idiosyncrasies of your audience.

Successful brands get to know what their audience finds funny, motivating, exciting or touching. They inspire.


Having an understanding of your audience’s behaviour- such as what they read, which influencers they regard, what channels and platforms they use, how often and when- can ensure that you are able to reach your audience with your message at the right time.

Focussing on delivering value to your customer and potential customer is the foundation of success.

An ambition to serve, combined with Kaizen (continuous improvement) philosophy = Kaizen Effect.

Life is an ADVENTURE


Digital Strategy

All too often businesses struggle to maintain growth or face a decline in market share owing to an attachment to how their success was made.

Technology and global competition has meant that adapting to changing customer expectations, values and habits and keeping an eye on the competition is more essential than ever.

For marketing to be efficient and effective requires a holistic and integrated approach. For example, without effective communication and cooperation between the marketing department and the customer services department, between marketing and sales, between marketing and management or finance it is impossible to meet both the customer’s and the business’s objectives, profitably and sustainably.

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