Apr 06

7 mistakes companies make that decrease engagement, reduce customer satisfaction and negatively impact profitability

Companies are haemorrhaging money everyday making avoidable mistakes that cause employees to become disengaged, which reduces customer satisfaction and harms profitability. According to Gallup, only one in twelve employees are considered engaged in their work and costing on average £30,000 to replace a single staff member. What's the impact of... read more →
Jan 09
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Jan 03

6 Managerial Mistakes You May Be Making and How to Avoid Them

In my experience, every director wants to produce breakthrough bottom-line results. However many are so focused on their own results they become ineffective managers. Results and managerial effectiveness are intertwined. Are you making any of the following managerial mistakes (without realising)? 1. Being a ‘busy fool’ Acting on impulse can get you... read more →
Aug 17

Eye on the prize: how kaizen principles help you unlock leadership potential like Tony Robbins

Powerful leaders have gravity, they act in a way that 'draws people in' when they share an idea. Think politicians, CEO's or Hollywood stars. I have worked with, spoken to and interviewed founders, CEO’s and directors that use 'gravity' to influence others. Based upon this experience and research I have... read more →
Jan 27
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Jan 03

Starting Crappy

Starting crappy might be a strange concept to think about, especially at the turn of a new year, but actually I think that this is a really important thing to think about. Why Would You Do Something Poorly? It seems counter-intuitive to talk about doing business effectively and then to... read more →
Dec 22