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Kaizen Leadership Academy

  • Location Portsmouth (map)

“On any team, in any organization, all responsibility for success and failure rests with the leader. The leader must own everything in his or her world. There is no one else to blame. The leader must acknowledge mistakes and admit failures, take ownership of them, and develop a plan to win.” 

― Jocko Willink, Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win

At the Kaizen Leadership Academy you will:

  • Learn from other businesses what works and what doesn’t when developing people

  • Solve problems in your business amongst peers who understand

  • Continuously improve how you lead your business and team

  • Learn skills and habits to increase the performance of you and your team

You will learn to:

  • Increase revenue per person through improved efficiency

  • Reduce recruitment costs because your staff stay longer

  • Decrease time spent micromanaging because your team are taking more responsibility

  • Hire & retain staff more easily because you have a clear culture, mission and values

  • Spend more time focusing on strategy because you can trust your team to get the job done

Who’s this for?

Founders, Directors, Managers of tech companies, located in Solent region, employing 3-50 people.

Looking to optimise profit, grow or scale.

Typically turning over £300k to £2 Million+ (or aim to be).


The Kaizen Leadership Academy hold monthly boardroom sessions where you can network with and learn from other non-competing companies with a focus on improving leadership skills.

Invest your company budget wisely, see ROI from your development activity and grow and/or scale sustainably.

Effective or ineffective leadership makes or breaks companies.

If you want to improve your business then start by improving yourself.
— David Raybould, Founder of Kaizen Effect

How does it work?

Join other directors and managers of non-competing companies in a boardroom session to share challenges and best practices.

Each event is a communal exchange of business challenges, leadership principles and ideas for growth, with other leaders who just ‘get it’.

How much will it cost?

Your first visit is at no cost.

After that we have a membership package that we may discuss with you.

Who are the organisers?

Kaizen Effect, we’re a coaching & consultancy company that transforms humans for the tech sector.

We've worked with global businesses like PwC, BA and RBS and now focus on developing leaders for tech SME's in Hampshire.

Benefits for Participants

  • Networking and sharing of best thinking with other senior level people from various industries

  • Learn best practices to apply in your business to emulate success or avoid mistakes

  • Benchmark your leadership against your peers

  • Improve leadership culture within your company

  • Challenge yourself, evolve as a leader and take on bigger challenges

  • Be part of the conversation around regional development

  • Get actionable advice, best practices and recommendations from our consultants and specially selected guests.

Examples of academy topics

  • Managing pressure associated with leading a company

  • How to increase revenue per person - the gross metric for profitability

  • Getting maximum ROI from people development strategy

  • Creating and maintaining company culture

  • Maintaining values as you grow

  • Inspiring and motivating teams

  • Instilling ownership mindset in teams

  • Effectively communicating vision and values

  • High performance habits for leaders

  • Growth strategies

Academy Principles

Kaizen Effect serve as organiser, facilitator and provider of topics. We invite a specially selected leaders to inspire the conversation. 

All participants commit fully to the discussion by sharing challenges, ideas, opinions and honest advice. 

Companies are selected for the leadership academy in a way that there are no conflicts of interest between participants. 

IPR & Publishing of outcomes: All company specific information is confidential and considered the property of the participating company. Companies participating in the leadership boardroom will adhere to a multi-lateral Non-Disclosure Agreement. Kaizen Effect and other participants should always seek approval from the company in question before utilising or publishing any company specific information.

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