Emma Collins Coaching, Portsmouth, UK


Emma Collins, a coach, Nonviolent communication trainer and certified facilitator came to us because us she was getting frustrated by her business processes. She loved her work, but had client data held in paper form and was keeping paper files. She has an iMac, MacBook air and an iPhone that weren’t really working together and her invoicing system was frustrating. She has a sizeable and engaged audience, is running successful events and has a healthy coaching client base. After experiencing some big life changes, her enthusiasm for certain activities had wained and she wanted to shift some of the focus of her work. She wanted to use technology to streamline her life, update her website and take her paper systems digital.

What we did

We first worked with her to clarify how she now wanted to work with clients and what her offering would be. We identified the attributes of the people she enjoyed working with and established that her heart was in delivering events and workshops. We adopted Google Suite, migrated and synced her calendars across all devices, we moved her client data to Hubspot CRM and adopted an invoicing system called Wave. We also planned and developed her new website in line with her new branding. We streamlined and optimised her email lists, fixed glitches in her email sign up processes and re-established regular communication with her audience. We also created regular backups both locally and synchronisation in the cloud for her phone and computer.


We filled all her events, generated new coaching client enquiries, reduced the frustration of managing her client data and invoicing. Her computers and phone now work in sync. All her important files are backed up and synced with Google Cloud. She is about to launch her new website and she can now access her documents with ease wherever she is working.

Key Achievements:
  • Clarified strategy
  • Filled events
  • Implemented Google Suite
  • Streamlined invoicing
  • Built new website


I hired Dave because I was at a crossroads in my business. I have a website, various social media profiles and many other technology tools I use to manage my work and life. It was all becoming uninspiring and a little tiring to manage.

I realised I wanted to spend more time serving clients (the part that I love), but all the admin, emails, invoicing etc. were getting in the way. Dave has worked with me to streamline my business and life. I can now focus on doing the work I really love.

As a result of our work I have saved several hours a week that I can now spend doing the things that I love. What I most value about working with Dave is that I now feel re-inspired and ready to move forward. I highly recommend working with Dave!

Emma Collins, Coach and Trainer, UKEmma Collins Coaching
  • Client Emma Collins Coaching
  • Date 1st December 2016
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