M-Brain, UK


M-Brain, a global market intelligence corporation with offices in 12 countries, the MD Lee came to me because, they had recently gone through a merger and were
adapting to a unified working process and merging of teams. Also competing in a
market with much larger companies meant even more importance of an investment in people and effective use of resources to win business. They had a strong Managing Director, experienced sales manager and relatively new sales team.

What we did

I worked with Lee to formulate a strategy based around his vision for his life and also in line with the objectives of the group. He wanted to take on bigger challenges and we developed the six key leadership principles to overcome his six key challenges leading a team and growing the company, in line with the challenges he faced delivering on targets set by the board.

We also worked on removing him from process to focus his time doing what he does best, leading a team and guiding change. This work then spawned into coaching the Sales Manager around leadership principles and stepping up to the next level. After some time we also delivered a coaching/training day for the entire sales team.

Testimonial Video


I have been working with David now for just under 6 months, and he has been working with me on the six key areas of leadership. I did not know what to expect when we started our journey together but what I and my business gets from our work beats any ROI I can measure.
Lee West, Managing DirectorM-Brain UK
  • Client M-Brain, UK
  • Date 1st October 2016
  • Tags IT & Services