start, grow and scale
without the personal sacrifice

we offer three unique programmes tailored to your current challenges


The Art of The Start

Starting a business is confusing and overwhelming. There is so much information out there telling you what to do that it’s hard to maintain focus.

Find the right information at the right time, build and promote your minimum viable product and keep focused on the most effective application of your efforts.

  • Create a bold vision
  • Clarify the problem you solve
  • Outline your solution
  • Define the benefits
  • Build, measure and learn
  • Create and keep customers
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Take Back Control

Many founders and directors are frustrated and disheartened, especially when they see so much business potential.

Build supportive systems and inspire your workforce. Take back control to build a company that is both profitable and rewarding.

  • Reconnect with your passion
  • Inspire those around you
  • Standardise to save time
  • Get the support you need
  • Save time and reduce waste
  • Grow and scale
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Built for Growth

Being a founder or director brings rewards, but also stress and pressure. There’s no room to falter because you don’t want to let key people down.

Develop six key leadership principles to overcome the six challenges that leaders face leading a team and growing a company, whilst having more fun.

  • Win in the marketplace
  • Free yourself from process
  • Inspire teams that get results
  • Create a buzz within the business
  • Feel fulfilled
  • Exceed expectations
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You don’t have to do it alone

No-one wants to admit that they need help, the reality is that no-one ‘needs’ help

We offer powerful support, to those that want to take their leadership to the next level

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With you every step of the way

Business leaders can’t share their challenges with many people because they need to appear positive and focused, which can become lonely. Whether leading a social enterprise or a multi-million pound corporation, it can become frustrating and overwhelming.

Develop leadership principles that not only make businesses thrive, but also lead to personal and professional satisfaction in life, supporting you on your journey and raising the bar of what’s possible in your life. Achieve more with less effort.


To challenge business leaders; evolve leadership and inspire companies to solve meaningful problems.

To help companies grow without the expense of people or the planet.

To bring fun, adventure and play into the workplace so that we can make money and also create meaning.

If you think that you don’t need support, great.