Take Back Control

Get your business back on track to growth and profitability.

Increase sales, reduce costs, streamline systems, inspire and motivate staff, solidify your brand and foster a community.

Leading you to increased growth and profitability and decreased stress and overwhelm.

Helping You To:

Inspire those around you

Inspire others with your cause. Create support and delegate effectively to save you time and money.

Standardise to save time

Avoid waste by optimising and standardising processes to reduce wasted effort, save time and money.

Get the support you need

Build and utilise supportive staff and service providers to multiply your efforts.

Grow and Scale

Get back on track with the business plan that you don’t have (or is sitting in a draw/folder somewhere).

Inspired by Kaizen Principles used by the world’s most effective companies.

Take Back Control Programme

15 min ‘Connect’ Conversation

I would be delighted to see how I may support you.

Simply schedule a 15 min call.

With David Raybould
Business Strategist

After building a successful financial planning firm Dave founded Kaizen Effect to help entrepreneurs start, grow and scale businesses that solve meaningful problems.

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Ready to change the world?

You embarked on this adventure of running a company with an idea that would change the world with all the enthusiasm.

Somewhere in the process that spark and adventure got lost amongst the responsiblity and uncertainty.

At some point it all became frustrating and overwhelming.

Your biggest challenge is running the business and delivering on your promise.

Why it’s easy to lose control:

Lack of standardisation

Systems and processes are created on the fly, requiring valuable brain power and time, increasing the steps necessary to complete tasks.

Leaders do everything themselves

There is a lack of delegation, which cripples time and stifles co-operation.

Not everyone is on the same page

Others bring personal agendas and conflicting working practices to the table. It is easy to get distracted managing internal politics.

There are too few hours in the day

You wake early, go to bed late, spend time managing your calendar, at meetings and building key relationships. There’s no time for anything else, yet deep down you know that you are operating at only a fraction of your potential.

Simple, But Not Easy

Getting from where you are to where you want to be sounds simple, however in practice the majority of businesses fail. Having the right support is key to staying on track.
Step out of uncertainty into more disciplined mode of operation.

What you really want:

Reconnect with the reasons you started doing what you are doing in the first place – that sense of passion and enthusiasm you had before you got overwhelmed.

Let go of stress and pressure – create a culture of high performance fused with a sense of ease and grace in what you do, enabling you to have more fun in the process. Serious. Sucks.

Develop effective habits and working practices – apply your time to only effective tasks and attract high performers to your organisation.
Work on income producing activity, rather than chasing your tail – get clear on what actions will move your business forward to fastest apply yourself diligently to those actions, pound notes and clients is a great focus.

Foundations of a solid business


Maintain your course in line with your vision


Remove barriers and connect with more customers


Maximise sales and minimise costs


Build systems that support and enhance effectiveness


Create replicable habits and practices


Create, lead and inspire a team of people

See What Our Client’s Say

I have been working with David now for just under 6 months, and he has been working with me on the 5 key areas of leadership. I did not know what to expect when we started our journey together but what I and my business gets from our work beats any ROI I can measure.- Lee West, Managing Director, M-Brain, UK (Market Intelligence)
It only takes six weeks to see your own greatness with David. Prepare to be taken out of every comfort zone you thought you had and still shine. Be prepared to become your best self very quickly and see the results. He does not take prisoners, but if you hire him and I recommend you do, you will see results; and they will surprise you. I have achieved more in the this short space of time than I have in the last eight years.- Jo Booth, Director, JB Associates, UK (Advertising and PR)
€50,000 and counting is business David is directly responsible for generating for my company. He reviewed our marketing strategy and refined it to the most cost effective action we could take with the budget available. He instigated a Google Ad word campaign and refined it: he put us on the map. We now lead our field generating by far the most clicks in comparison to our competitors. These results speak for themselves.- Salvador Costa, Director, Barcelona (Wedding Planner)
Dave has worked with me to streamline my business and life. I can now focus on doing the work I really love. As a result of our work I have saved several hours a week that I can now spend doing the things that I love. What I most value about working with Dave is that I now feel re-inspired and ready to move forward. I highly recommend working with Dave!- Emma Collins, Coach and Trainer, UK (Coaching & Training)
I hired Dave because I was at a crossroads in my business. I have a website, various social media profiles and many other technology tools I use to manage my work and life. It was all becoming uninspiring and a little tiring to manage. I realised I wanted to spend more time serving clients (the part that I love), but all the admin, emails, invoicing etc. were getting in the way. Dave has worked with me to streamline my business and life. I can now focus on doing the work I really love. As a result of our work I have saved several hours a week that I can now spend doing the things that I love. What I most value about working with Dave is that I now feel re-inspired and ready to move forward. I highly recommend working with Dave!- Rebecca Green, Founder and Director, UK (Health & Wellness)
I had coaching with David in 2016 and it really helped not only my Green Room Clinic but also my Arbonne business. It really helped me to see where I had been going wrong as I kept getting the same results over and over again. Davids coaching was fantastic and really helped me get to the next level in my business. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to take their life to the next level-

Benefits of working with us:

Increase Revenue

Getting more efficient at managing your time and resources inevitably leads to increased revenue over time.

Focus on the most pressing challenges delivering on your promise and maximising sales.

Decrease Costs

Costs when running your business increase without realising.

Focus your attention on controlling costs and maximising your use of the resources at your disposal.

Get Value from Technology

You’re a technology business whether you like it or not. It is part and parcel of modern life.

Make your CRM, website, smartphones, computers and email work for you rather than against you.

Streamline and Standardise

Reduce the steps it takes to perform your daily actions and lead this culture within your organisation.

Waste less time and free up time to focus on your 20% of tasks that move you forward fastest.

Build a Community

Sales are much simpler when your customers are doing the evangelising on your behalf.

Build a community of raving fans that love your product and support your brand.

Have More Fun

Life is short and you spend most of it at work.

We’ll help you connect with a sense of fun and adventure that reminds you that you’re alive!

Want to talk through what’s challenging you?

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