The Art of The Start

Avoid the most common pitfalls as you start, grow and scale your business.

Raise money, hire the right people, define your position, create a brand and foster a community.

Helping you along the path on your adventure that is an art rather than a science… The Art of The Start.

Helping You To:

Clarify the problem you solve

Businesses are created to solve problems. The bigger the problem solved, the bigger the reward both financially and in satisfaction.

Outline your solution

Get clear on how you are going to solve the problem and how your solution is unique.

Define the benefits

Outline all the reasons why customers should choose your solution over others in the marketplace.

Build, measure, learn

“Start crappy” is Guy Kawasaki’s motto. Meaning the just get started and learn as you go. Don’t wait until it’s perfect, it’s never going to be perfect.

Inspired by the best selling book by Guy Kawasaki.

The Art of The Start Programme

15 min ‘Connect’ Conversation

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With David Raybould
Business Strategist

After building a successful financial planning firm Dave founded Kaizen Effect to help entrepreneurs start, grow and scale businesses that solve meaningful problems.

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What does it take to translate your idea into action?

Whether you are an intrapreneur, entrepreneur, or not-for-profit warrior, there is a vast ocean of advice available for the challenges you face, such as writing a business plan, hiring staff, raising cash, and branding.

There are so many articles, web sites, and books that most startups get paralysed by it. Or sidetracked by unproductive priorities and fail before they realise their errors.

Taking your idea through four important stages:


Define the problem, your solution, the benefits and the minimum viable product. Establish a brand, strategy and stable foundation.


Deliver your product or service on a micro scale to prove people want it.


Reach a wider audience whilst delivering a quality service.


Create a loyal community and consistently deliver on your promise.

Are You Ready to Change The World?

That dream that just wouldn’t quit, your once-in-a-lifetime bolt of inspiration, the game-changer, the revolutionary app, the planet shaping idea.

You want to make the world a better place and have become obsessed by a big idea.

“Entrepreneur is a state of mind, not a job title.”

– Guy Kawasaki

Foundations of a Solid Startup


That people will use your product or service.


A team that believe in your idea as much as you.


That is useful, engaging, and great value.


Strategic relationships that multiply momentum.


Grow and scale your idea.


The resilience to stay the course despite the challenges you face

Simple… But Not Easy

Most startups fail.

Having the right support is key to navigating the fear and uncertainty.

“Business plans are no longer necessary; social media has replaced PR and advertising as the key method of promotion; crowd funding is a viable alternative to investors; and the cloud makes basic infrastructure affordable for almost any new venture.”

– Guy Kawasaki

See What Our Client’s Say

I have been working with David now for just under 6 months, and he has been working with me on the 5 key areas of leadership. I did not know what to expect when we started our journey together but what I and my business gets from our work beats any ROI I can measure.- Lee West, Managing Director, M-Brain, UK (Market Intelligence)
It only takes six weeks to see your own greatness with David. Prepare to be taken out of every comfort zone you thought you had and still shine. Be prepared to become your best self very quickly and see the results. He does not take prisoners, but if you hire him and I recommend you do, you will see results; and they will surprise you. I have achieved more in the this short space of time than I have in the last eight years.- Jo Booth, Director, JB Associates, UK (Advertising and PR)
€50,000 and counting is business David is directly responsible for generating for my company. He reviewed our marketing strategy and refined it to the most cost effective action we could take with the budget available. He instigated a Google Ad word campaign and refined it: he put us on the map. We now lead our field generating by far the most clicks in comparison to our competitors. These results speak for themselves.- Salvador Costa, Director, Barcelona (Wedding Planner)
Dave has worked with me to streamline my business and life. I can now focus on doing the work I really love. As a result of our work I have saved several hours a week that I can now spend doing the things that I love. What I most value about working with Dave is that I now feel re-inspired and ready to move forward. I highly recommend working with Dave!- Emma Collins, Coach and Trainer, UK (Coaching & Training)
I hired Dave because I was at a crossroads in my business. I have a website, various social media profiles and many other technology tools I use to manage my work and life. It was all becoming uninspiring and a little tiring to manage. I realised I wanted to spend more time serving clients (the part that I love), but all the admin, emails, invoicing etc. were getting in the way. Dave has worked with me to streamline my business and life. I can now focus on doing the work I really love. As a result of our work I have saved several hours a week that I can now spend doing the things that I love. What I most value about working with Dave is that I now feel re-inspired and ready to move forward. I highly recommend working with Dave!- Rebecca Green, Founder and Director, UK (Health & Wellness)
I had coaching with David in 2016 and it really helped not only my Green Room Clinic but also my Arbonne business. It really helped me to see where I had been going wrong as I kept getting the same results over and over again. Davids coaching was fantastic and really helped me get to the next level in my business. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to take their life to the next level-

Benefits of working with us:

Raise Cash and Create Customers

Most entrepreneurs think that the most important tool for a pitch is PowerPoint.
Develop a prototype and a demo are worth a thousand powerpoint slides, we’ll help you focus on what’s important to win investment money and create customers.

Create Leads and Opportunities

Taking your eye off sales in the beginning can sink your startup.

Create an maximise sales opportunities, keep your eye on the ball with the lifeblood that fuels your startup.

Prove Your Concept

Painting a picture that it’s easy to capture 1% of the market is a mistake. Ideas are easy, implementation is hard.

Get clear on your market, clarify the problem that you solve and then take your minimum viable product to market.

Be More Effective

First raise money, then hire team, then get sales, then go public. Except life isn’t serial.
Balance raising money, hiring, selling and supporting all at the same time.

Build a Diverse Team

If you’re male and white, you hire male and white. If you’re young, you hire young.
We’ll help you build a team that compliments you and is diverse enough to solve the diverse problems you will encounter.

Sustainable Growth

The reality is that your product will stall before launch, your customer support team get sick and your product fails to hit the mark with customers.

We’ll keep your feet on the ground, focused on what’s most important to scale in line with demand.

Want to talk through your idea?