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who we work with

Typically client’s are service sector SME’s, based within 50 miles of Portsmouth with 2-50 employees and revenues from £100,000 to £3 Million.

The smallest company we work with is a solo startup and the biggest a multi-national corporation.

Founders and directors we work with might be frustrated because success is proving more challenging than they anticipated, or they’re getting sales results but delivery is painful, or sometimes more complex leadership challenges exist.

Our work begins with the founder or director, to identify what the challenge is and how we are going to overcome it.

Lasting change requires the commitment and involvement of senior management.

Client aspirations

Clients we work with want to start, grow and scale their business, which entails a whole host of challenges, from leading a diverse team to managing internal stakeholders and politics.

Underpinning the business goal is always personal aspiration. Whether that be to create a lasting legacy for future generations, or to serve and provide for family, or make a change in the world, or serve an underserved portion of society.

If you look only at the business case then you miss the most important part, people. If you want to solve the macro problem then you need to look at the micro challenges faced by your people.

Examples of problems we solve

  • Frustrated managing director
  • Founder overwhelmed by leadership
  • Lack of clear value proposition
  • Conflict within sales team
  • Lack of trust of sales manager
  • Lack of trust from board of directors
  • Web presence is generating little return
  • Ineffective website
  • Leaders are frustrated and overwhelmed
  • Staff turnover is higher than expected
  • Staff are unmotivated or problematic
  • Director has lost spark and enthusiasm
  • Delivering to customers is chaotic

We work with inspiring companies

With a background in tech, finance, coaching, marketing, entrepreneurship and business management, we may be younger than some business consultants, but we have the skills and industry awareness to propel your life and business forwards.

Our skills range from making crm’s more streamlined through to developing leadership within sales teams.

Our Work

Our work spans from a local coaching and events business through to an award winning multi-national market intelligence corporation.

We have worked within financial services through to retail fashion, coaching and training, advertising and PR, health & beauty, IT and services.

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Strategy Sessions

If a synergy exists, we’ll invite you for a two hour strategy session, held at your place of business (preferentially), at our office in Portsmouth (alternatively), or via online meeting (if we’re geographically challenged).

Signature strategy sessions:
The Art of the Start – for startup founders that want to start strong
Take Back Control – for founders, directors, and MD’s of established businesses to do just that
Built for Growth – for directors and MD’s of established companies that want to reach the next level

This session will draw out what your current challenges are, set your sights on what you want and then create a strategy to help you get there.

We’re not here to make friends with you or have a nice chat, we’ll tell you what we see is getting in the way.

Once we decide that we want to work together, we will create a tailored agreement about how we will work together and what our fees will be.

Who are we?

Small in size, big in experience

David Raybould

Director & Business Strategist

After solving problems in Financial Services for a number of years, Dave realised that many companies in many industries face similar challenges.

He now specialises in helping founders and directors to overcome the six core challenges they face leading a company and inspiring a team.

He is an eternal student, meditator and loves throwing himself down hills on a bike or board.

Regine Freeman

Digital Strategist and Graphic Designer

After working in sales and marketing for over twenty years, Regine earned her masters in Digital Marketing from Portsmouth University.

She now specialises in helping companies to track, measure and improve their return on investment from their digital assets.

She is passionate about marketing, rollerskating, yoga and surfs as much as possible (weather permitting).

What our clients say

I have been working with David now for just under 6 months, and he has been working with me on the 5 key areas of leadership. I did not know what to expect when we started our journey together but what I and my business gets from our work beats any ROI I can measure.- Lee West, Managing Director, M-Brain, UK (Market Intelligence)
It only takes six weeks to see your own greatness with David. Prepare to be taken out of every comfort zone you thought you had and still shine. Be prepared to become your best self very quickly and see the results. He does not take prisoners, but if you hire him and I recommend you do, you will see results; and they will surprise you. I have achieved more in the this short space of time than I have in the last eight years.- Jo Booth, Director, JB Associates, UK (Advertising and PR)
€50,000 and counting is business David is directly responsible for generating for my company. He reviewed our marketing strategy and refined it to the most cost effective action we could take with the budget available. He instigated a Google Ad word campaign and refined it: he put us on the map. We now lead our field generating by far the most clicks in comparison to our competitors. These results speak for themselves.- Salvador Costa, Director, Barcelona (Wedding Planner)
Dave has worked with me to streamline my business and life. I can now focus on doing the work I really love. As a result of our work I have saved several hours a week that I can now spend doing the things that I love. What I most value about working with Dave is that I now feel re-inspired and ready to move forward. I highly recommend working with Dave!- Emma Collins, Coach and Trainer, UK (Coaching & Training)
I hired Dave because I was at a crossroads in my business. I have a website, various social media profiles and many other technology tools I use to manage my work and life. It was all becoming uninspiring and a little tiring to manage. I realised I wanted to spend more time serving clients (the part that I love), but all the admin, emails, invoicing etc. were getting in the way. Dave has worked with me to streamline my business and life. I can now focus on doing the work I really love. As a result of our work I have saved several hours a week that I can now spend doing the things that I love. What I most value about working with Dave is that I now feel re-inspired and ready to move forward. I highly recommend working with Dave!- Rebecca Green, Founder and Director, UK (Health & Wellness)
I had coaching with David in 2016 and it really helped not only my Green Room Clinic but also my Arbonne business. It really helped me to see where I had been going wrong as I kept getting the same results over and over again. Davids coaching was fantastic and really helped me get to the next level in my business. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to take their life to the next level-

Why work with us?

When you’re working in your business everyday it becomes impossible to see what is obvious to someone outside the organisation. We have experienced many industries, many poorly managed companies and this experience has taught us what works, and what doesn’t.

We’ll be able to tell you what you can’t see yourself, which opens up new and exciting possibilities.


To challenge business leaders; evolve leadership and inspire companies to solve meaningful problems.

To help companies grow without the expense of people or the planet.

To bring fun, adventure and play into the workplace so that we can make money and also create meaning.


To live in a world where companies values people as much as profit, where humans live in harmony with each other and the planet.

A world where leaders have the strength of character to be honest, to rise strong in the face of adversity and stand up for what they believe.

To create and support companies solving the greatest challenges facing humanity.

Our Philosophy

We believe that businesses, no matter how large, are made up of individuals. If you want to overcome macro challenges then you need to understand micro barriers. Which lie within your people.

Companies have a huge role to play in the shaping of people’s lives and society as a whole. The change we wish to see in the world will happen through powerful, bold and inspired leadership.

Want to learn more but not quite ready to reach out?

That’s cool, we’d love to win your trust enough for us to have a conversation, or maybe you’ll just stop by from time-to-time to read what we write, either way it’s a pleasure to have you.